July 25, 2017
Vancouver’s EVA Vein Care Now Offers New Varicose Vein Treatment

Vancouver, Canada, 25 July 2017

BTG International Canada Inc., part of global specialist healthcare company BTG, today announced EVA Vein Care is the first clinic in Vancouver and the surrounding Lower Mainland to treat patients with Varithena® (polidocanol injectable foam), a drug/device combination product used to treat varicose veins.

The only Health Canada approved microfoam for the treatment of varicose veins, Varithena® is intended for use in adults with clinically significant venous reflux, as diagnosed by duplex ultrasound1.  Varithena® is the first and only microfoam procedure for varicosities of any shape and size. A physician injects a small amount of Varithena® into the malfunctioning vein of a patient through a small tube (catheter) or a needle.  It displaces the blood from the vein to reach and treat the vein wall; the diseased vein collapses and blood flow is diverted to healthy veins nearby.

“We are very excited to bring Varithena® to our patients in Vancouver. Many people suffering from venous disease are not aware of new, innovative, and very effective therapies such as Varithena®. It’s convenient to administer and involves a minimally invasive treatment with no incision, meaning patients can return to normal activities shortly after treatment,” states EVA Medical Director Dr. John Chung, MD, FRCPC, an Interventional Radiologist (IR) at Vancouver General and UBC Hospitals, Clinical Instructor at the University of British Columbia, and Program Director for the UBC IR Fellowship program, which hosts physicians from around the world to learn of the latest techniques in minimally invasive vein therapies that are performed with the EVA team.

“Varithena® is a new treatment option for our patients with varicose veins. This new therapy allows us to effectively treat complex superficial veins in a safe and effective manner, with minimal discomfort. Varithena® has been shown in a number of randomized controlled trials to improve the quality of life and the appearances of varicose veins,” says EVA physician Dr. David Liu, MD, FRCPC, FSIR.  Dr. Liu is an internationally recognized Interventional Radiologist (IR), a Clinical Professor at the University of British Columbia, and member of the EVA team.

Earlier this spring, BTG International Canada Inc. worked with the physicians at the EVA Vein Care to prepare and train them to administer Varithena®.

“With warm summer days now upon us, patients with varicose veins of any size or shape coming to the EVA Vein Care can now be treated, often in just one visit, with Varithena®,” adds Dr. Chung.

Brad Pearson, Vice President, Commercial Operations, Canada / Latin America, BTG plc concludes: “We’re pleased to be offering Varithena® to the Vancouver market.  Based on the early response from EVA Vein Care, we believe Varithena® will offer Lower Mainland patients a new treatment option that is efficacious and patient friendly.”

About Varicose Veins2  in Canada
An estimated 3.7 million Canadians have varicose veins, with women twice as likely as men to develop varicosities.

Varicose veins are enlarged, bulging veins that most often occur in the leg's great saphenous vein or GSV system. In healthy veins, tiny valves help the leg veins work against gravity to push blood back to the heart.  Sometimes when valves weaken, blood can leak backwards and pool, resulting in varicose veins in the leg.  This can cause uncomfortable symptoms, such as heaviness, achiness, swelling, throbbing, and itching in the leg. These symptoms are frequently the cause of absenteeism from work, disability, and decreased quality of life. Varicose veins often bulge above the surface of the skin, but they are not always visible.  Common risk factors include family history, aging, being overweight or obese, and working at jobs requiring prolonged standing.

Varithena® improves symptoms related to or caused by varicose veins, as well as the appearance of varicose veins, and is proven to reduce the five symptoms patients consider most important – heaviness, achiness, swelling, throbbing, itching (known as HASTI™ symptoms).

About EVA Vein Care
Located in Vancouver, the EVA Vein Care philosophy is based on a solid foundation of experience, technique, and patient-centred care.  Renowned for its leading-edge vein therapies and high standard of patient care, the EVA team consists of three IR physicians: Dr. John Chung, Dr. David Liu, and Dr. Darren Klass as well as registered nurse, Betty Lum, who is specially trained in venous disease management and treatment.  Together, the EVA team brings more than 40 years of experience in medical and hospital-based practices to the clinic.  For more information or to schedule an appointment at EVA Vein Care, call 1-844-382-8346.


About Varithena®
Varithena® (polidocanol injectable foam) is indicated in Canada for the treatment of incompetent great saphenous veins, accessory saphenous veins, and visible varicosities of the GSV system, above and below the knee. Varithena® is intended for use in adults with clinically significant venous reflux as diagnosed by duplex ultrasound. Physicians administering Varithena® must be experienced with venous procedures, possess a detailed working knowledge of the use of the duplex ultrasound in venous disease and be trained in the administration of Varithena®. The most common (>10%) adverse events in patients treated with Varithena® include: contusion, pain in extremity, headache and skin discoloration. Varithena® is contraindicated in patients with: a known allergy to polidocanol or any ingredient in the formulation; those with acute thromboembolic disease; those with thrombophilia; those who are pregnant.
Serious Warnings and Precautions
Allergic reaction: Varithena® is a foam; one of the ingredients is polidocanol.  Some people treated with polidocanol have had severe allergic reactions, and some of these people died. After you are treated with Varithena®, a healthcare professional will watch you for signs of an allergic reaction for at least 10 minutes.

Damage to skin and tissue: Varithena® should only be injected into veins. If it is injected into arteries or outside of the vein it can cause permanent injury to the skin or tissue. If this happens, urgent care is required. The damage may be worse if you already have artery disease. 

Blood clots – Deep vein thrombosis: Varithena® can cause blood clots in the deep veins.  Your healthcare professional will monitor you for signs of deep vein thrombosis, typically pain, swelling and blueness of the treated leg. If these symptoms develop after your treatment, see your doctor immediately. Patients with the following have an increased risk of having a blood clot:  difficulty walking, obesity, history of blood clots in the deep veins of the leg or in the lung, surgery in the last 3 months, long stay in the hospital, cancer, taking oral birth control or hormone replacement therapy, or smoking.

Mini-strokes: Rarely, treatment of varicose veins has resulted in a mini-stroke (transient ischemic attack) or stroke. This has happened either minutes or days after treatment. These events have not been reported to date with Varithena®.  Your doctor will be trained to manage the factors that may increase the risk of this happening. If you know you have a hole in your heart, called a patent foramen ovale (PFO; a common birth defect of the heart that usually causes no problem) you are at greater risk and you should tell your doctor so he can carefully consider if Varithena® is right for you.
Please consult the full Prescribing Information or Product Monograph for more information about Varithena®.

About BTG
BTG is a growing international specialist healthcare company bringing to market innovative products in specialist areas of medicine to better serve doctors and their patients. We have a portfolio of Interventional Medicine products to advance the treatment of liver tumours, severe blood clots, varicose veins and advanced emphysema, and Specialty Pharmaceuticals that help patients overexposed to certain medications or toxins. Inspired by patient and physician needs, BTG is investing to expand its portfolio to address some of today’s most complex healthcare challenges. Please visit the BTG website for more information.
About BTG Interventional Medicine
BTG Interventional Medicine is part of BTG plc, a global specialist healthcare company. As medicine moves from major surgery to minor procedure, from the systemic to the local, no company endeavors to do more than BTG to help doctors in their quest to see more, reach further and treat smarter. Our growing portfolio of Interventional Medicine products is designed to advance the treatment of cancer, severe emphysema, severe blood clots, and varicose veins. Please visit the BTG Interventional Medicine website for additional information.
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  1. Varithena™ Product Monograph. July 2015.

Extrapolated to Canadian population from prevalence data in Gloviczki P, Comerota AJ, Dalsing MC, et al. The care of patients with varicose veins and associated chronic venous diseases: clinical practice guidelines of the Society for Vascular Surgery and the American Venous Forum. J Vasc Surg. 2011;53(5 suppl):2S-48S