Boston Scientific to Present New Data on Advances in Chronic Pain Care at the 2022 North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS) Meeting

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., Jan. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Boston Scientific Corporation (NYSE: BSX) today announced key data that will be featured at the 25th North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS) annual meeting, in Orlando, Florida, on Jan.13-15, 2022. More than 20 abstracts have been accepted, including three late-breaking presentations.

The late-breaking presentation on the COMBO study, a randomized control trial, will highlight two-year outcomes demonstrating the durable effectiveness of the WaveWriter™ Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) System capable of delivering combination therapy – the ability to layer multiple waveforms and modalities simultaneously. Combination therapy is designed to offer more opportunities to customize SCS therapy and optimize outcomes.

In addition, Boston Scientific and IBM Research will provide an update from their exclusive collaboration, which includes the ongoing NAVITAS and ENVISION studies evaluating how patient-reported outcomes and objective biomarker information can provide insights around patient pain states. This novel approach leverages artificial intelligence to better understand and assess the pain state of an individual that includes activity, alertness, medication, mobility, mood, pain and sleep.

"The data we'll share this year at NANS is a testament to the breadth and depth of the randomized, controlled and real-world evidence of our portfolio and therapies," said Nilesh Kumar Patel, M.D., MBA, vice president of medical affairs, Neuromodulation, Boston Scientific. "Our long-term investments in science and innovation continue to deliver more meaningful solutions and customized options for physicians and their patients living with chronic pain."

Patel added, "The condition of chronic pain is complex, and because of neuroplasticity, it changes over time. As a result, you need an agile platform with multiple options that adapts with the changing needs of the patient. No one patient living with chronic pain is the same so we're continuously working to advance and transform personalized therapies for the future to help patients live healthier lives."

Featured Abstracts

Oral Presentations:

  • COMBO Randomized Control Trial: Two-Year Outcomes of an SCS System Capable of Simultaneous Delivery of Multiple Modalities to be presented by Mark Wallace, M.D., on Saturday, Jan. 15 from 4:25-4:35 p.m. ET
  • Patient States: Artificial Intelligence-Driven Metric Providing Comprehensive Yet Straightforward Understanding of Chronic Pain Patients to be presented by Magdalena Anitescu, M.D., Ph.D., on Friday, Jan. 14 from 11:35-11:45 a.m. ET
  • Prospective, Multi-Center Evaluation of Novel Fast-Acting Sub-Perception-Based SCS for Chronic Pain: FAST Study to be presented by Magdalena Anitescu, M.D., Ph.D., on Friday, Jan. 15 from 4:15-4:25 p.m. ET

Paper Posters:

  • RAPID: An International, Prospective, Multicenter Study of Radiofrequency Ablation Outcomes in Chronic Pain Patients, Atallah et al.
  • Comprehensive Digital Tools to Improve Access to Care and Treatment Efficiency for Spinal Cord Stimulation, Vucetic et al. 
  • Modeling and Measurement of the Effect of Low-Amplitude SCS on Dorsal Column Axons and Wide Dynamic Range Neurons, Titus et al.
  • The Biomechanics of Interspinous Spacers, Whang et al.

Publication will be made available after the release of the data presentations.

About the Boston Scientific Chronic Pain Portfolio
Where many "one-size fits all" treatments fail to provide long-term relief, Boston Scientific understands that it takes personalized pain relief solutions to improve patient outcomes. The WaveWriter Alpha™ Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) Systems include a unified portfolio of four MRI conditionali, Bluetooth-enabled rechargeable and non-rechargeable implantable pulse generators to provide uncompromised personalization, and for the first time in SCS, Fast Acting Sub-perception Therapy (FAST™), designed to deliver profound paresthesia-free pain relief in minutes. The systems are supported by the Cognita™ Solutions suite of digital tools for patients and physicians. Other solutions include the Vertiflex™ Procedureii, a unique treatment clinically proven to provide long-term relief from pain associated with moderate lumbar spinal stenosis, and the Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) offerings for physicians help treat chronic pain with a minimally invasive, non-surgical, outpatient procedure that uses thermal energy to interrupt pain signals at their source.

About Boston Scientific
Boston Scientific transforms lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world. As a global medical technology leader for more than 40 years, we advance science for life by providing a broad range of high-performance solutions that address unmet patient needs and reduce the cost of healthcare. For more information, visit and connect on Twitter and Facebook.

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i The WaveWriter Alpha™ SCS System provides safe access to full-body MRI scans when used with specific components and the patient is exposed to the MRI environment under the defined conditions in the ImageReady™ MRI Full Body Guidelines for WaveWriter Alpha and WaveWriter Alpha Prime Spinal Cord Stimulator System
ii Superion™ Indirect Decompression System


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