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When John Abele and Pete Nicholas collaborated to establish Boston Scientific 40 years ago, they had a shared “vision to create new markets for less-invasive medicine and spread the word about Medi-Tech products.” Today, the company they founded is a global medical technology leader that provides a broad range of high-performance solutions to address unmet patient needs. From building out our strategy to building a diverse workforce, the future of Boston Scientific is brimming with possibilities. In the final installment of this campaign celebrating the 40th anniversary of Boston Scientific, we invited our employees to share their thoughts on the next 40 years and beyond by asking when you think about the future of Boston Scientific, what are you most excited about?

Steve Naldi, Inventory Planning Manager II
Spencer, Indiana, USA
Employee for 13 years


Steve Naldi, an inventory planning manager II based in Spencer, Indiana, believes Boston Scientific will continue to be on the forefront of innovation, delivering cutting-edge technologies for unmet patient needs. He also thinks the company will be a pioneer in recognizing and embracing the benefits of diversity. For Steve, the future of Boston Scientific is tied to exploring and conquering new avenues of patient care while adapting to the world around us.

“It’s incredible to think about the science, technologies and devices that will access different anatomies to treat diseases earlier. I’m also excited about our 10/20/40 diversity goals to accelerate women and people of color into leadership roles, positioning Boston Scientific to be a leader in inclusion.”   ​ 


​--Steve Naldi, Inventory Planning Manager II, Spencer, Indiana, USA – employee for 13 years 

Salma Benameur, Multi-channel Marketing Manager
Toulouse, France
Employee for 4 years


Salma Benameur, a multi-channel marketing manager from Toulouse, France, sees technology as playing an increasing role in the future of Boston Scientific. Whether it’s e-solutions that help customize content for healthcare providers and deliver online medical education or enhanced digital technologies that that help empower sales representatives, Salma believes Boston Scientific is ready for the future.

“I am incredibly proud and humbled to work for a life-changing organization that focuses on patients and cares so deeply for our employees. I am grateful every day that I get to come to work here.”

​--Salma Benameur, Multi-channel Marketing Manager, ToulouseFrance, employee for 4 years  

Whether it’s our focus on patients or our collaboration to solve key healthcare challenges, we are proud that Boston Scientific is a place where so many talented individuals with different perspectives and backgrounds come to work every day. See more thoughts from our employees here.


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