Building the stent that saved his life

Mar 6, 2020

One morning in September 2017, Ian Dube felt a burning pressure in his chest. When he woke up in the hospital, he learned he had suffered from a heart attack and received a stent to help him heal and reduce the chance of his artery becoming blocked again.   

For many patients, this news would come with many questions. Ian, however, already had a direct connection to the stents he received. As a product builder in our Galway, Ireland manufacturing facility, Ian worked on the delivery catheters that were used during his own procedure.   

Ian has spent 17 years working at Boston Scientific Galway, and most of his career has been with the Polymer Core Technology (PCT) Production Unit. The PCT team is responsible for making polymer components such as catheter shafts, moulded hubs and balloons. All of this product undergoes rigorous testing in the PCT area before it moves onto assembly. Within this team, Ian inspects and tests product as it comes off the extrusion lines.  

Ian never thought his work would have such a direct impact on his health, and today, he keeps the SYNERGYTM package used during his stent procedure as a reminder of the impact our technology – and his own daily work – had on his life. 

In this video, Ian shares how this experience influenced him: 

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