Helping India, Brazil and other countries fight surges in COVID-19

May 21, 2021

May 21, 2021

While COVID-19 rates are stabilizing or decreasing in many countries because of vaccine availability, virus rates are surging with devastating consequences in India. According to the World Health Organization, this week the country reported more than two million new infections, accounting for more than 50% of new cases worldwide. The situation is also dire in Brazil with more than 450,000 new cases this week and rising case volumes in several other countries. We remain committed to doing our part to support relief efforts and protect and aid the health and safety of our employees, customers, patients and the communities where we live and work.

We are taking several actions to provide needed support, care and scarce supplies in India, Brazil and certain other geographies where support is needed.

These include:

  • Extending employee COVID-19 insurance support, financial assistance, vaccine reimbursement and telehealth services. 
  • Providing supplies such as personal protective equipment (masks, gowns, sanitizers, gloves, oximeters, thermometers, etc.), COVID-19 care kits and oxygen concentrators. 
  • Providing lodging for employees and their families with asymptomatic, mild or moderate COVID-19 cases to isolate away from their homes for the safety of their families.
  • Matching employee donations made to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to assist on the ground relief efforts by providing access to critical medical care, including vaccines and COVID-19 testing.

For more information about how Boston Scientific has been helping communities around the world address the COVID-19 pandemic, click here.