For Emily, a healthy heart means more time at home

Feb 5, 2020

Just before her sophomore year of college, Emily Herman was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a life-threatening condition that puts her at increased risk of sudden cardiac arrest. For the rest of her life Emily would rely on an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) to continuously monitor her heart rhythm and deliver a life-saving shock if needed.

“I knew my life would never be the same after my diagnosis, but I couldn’t have imagined the physical, emotional and financial toll that my dependency on a cardiac device would have on me and those who love me.”

Having the device gave Emily peace of mind. Still, after five years, the ICD’s battery depleted, and Emily needed a replacement. Her second device lasted only two years, and by the age of 27, Emily was preparing for her third surgery.

At this point, Emily and her husband, Greg, had started a family and Emily was excited to experience all the joys of watching her children grow up. The possibility of numerous, costly surgeries loomed over them, threatening the future they had always dreamed of. With each surgery and the subsequent recovery, Emily risked missing the precious memories and milestones of raising a family—not to mention the financial implications of missed work for Greg, when he needed to take time off from his job in marketing.

When Emily’s doctor recommended a Boston Scientific ICD powered by EnduraLife™, it helped to alleviate her concerns. The battery technology can last up to 11 years—meaning Emily would need far fewer replacement surgeries. A tiny battery—smaller than the ones that power most of her kids’ toys—could give her and her young family more peace of mind and financial flexibility.  

“I’m so grateful for the improved battery technology that Boston Scientific offers because it’s truly impacting not just my life, but the lives of my husband and two small children,” Emily said. “I am optimistic about my future and glad my doctors have access to this device that gives me and my family peace of mind.”

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This Heart Health Month, we celebrate Emily and all the other patients like her who trust Boston Scientific to protect their health. We’re proud to be part of their stories.