Meet the team who Helps keep our people, practices and sites safe

Aug 11, 2021

August 12, 2021

 Across Boston Scientific, leaders are making steady progress to accelerate the representation of women and multicultural individuals on their teams. In 2017, the company set aggressive goals to increase the global representation of women in our workforce and has made steady progress since that time.  

When Jack Sullivan took on the role of chief security and resiliency officer at Boston Scientific, he set out to assemble a diverse team reflective of the company and the communities it serves. “Broader representation is important. We benefit from diversity of thought, perspectives and skillsets, and because of this, we are better problem-solvers,” says Jack. “It’s important that we create a culture where everyone feels comfortable speaking up and sharing ideas.”

Collaboration is central to the team dynamic, and Jack prioritizes and values individual skillsets and strengths that complement the entire group. “The issues we face are multifaceted and come with extremely high stakes, and we need to demonstrate collective leadership to better care for our employees and the patients the company serves.”

From the COVID-19 pandemic to the California wildfires and episodes of social unrest, the enterprise security team has worked tirelessly to protect the wellbeing of the company’s employees, buildings and business operations. We asked them how diversity, collaboration and teamwork play a role in overcoming unprecedented challenges and developing a best-in-class team at Boston Scientific. Here’s what they had to say.

Beth, Global Security Senior Manager


Beth emphasizes the power of collaboration and communication in problem-solving. “We make time to discuss challenges, learnings and share ideas and guidance openly. Our conversations help us deliver on our goals and strengthen our culture and relationships. Teamwork and partnerships expand far outside of the department as well. We understand that success lies in strong networks and partnerships. As a diverse team, we have proven we can overcome significant challenges to support our company’s primary purpose – the patients that we serve.”

Lauren, Global Security Senior Manager


Lauren credits a focus on the company’s mission as a driver for team collaboration. “Our job is to protect Boston Scientific – the employees, buildings and business – so the company can continue to develop, manufacture and distribute lifesaving medical devices. While we are all focused on different functional areas, we leverage each other’s experiences and knowledge for support. This team works together and will jump in to help in any situation, regardless of our job description.”

Amber, Senior Manager


For Amber, the sense of camaraderie makes the toughest challenges easier to overcome. “When I joined the team, I first noticed how approachable and friendly everyone is.  While each person has an impressive background, they approach their work with humility and wisdom, and I know I am never alone when facing a new problem.  This gives me more confidence because I know everyone has my back.”

Kirstin, Senior Global Security Analyst


Kirstin reflects on the past year with pride. “Over the past 18 months, we have managed everything from ordering and allocating personal protective equipment (PPE) for the entire company and evacuating people from unsafe situations to providing the COVID-19 Task Force Team with weekly COVID risk data.”

For her, the culture of respect made it all possible. “Everyone respects the unique perspectives we bring to the table, which allows us to approach problems and challenges from all angles. I am constantly learning from my colleagues and I am so grateful for the work we accomplish together.”

Jennifer, Business Continuity Manager


Initially, Jennifer was drawn to the Boston Scientific mission to transform lives but during her interview process, Jennifer saw how committed everyone is to living the company values and her interest grew. “I met so many welcoming people, and I wanted to be a part of a committed and high-performing team. It’s powerful to have so many women on the team. I didn’t have the opportunity earlier in my career, and it is a refreshing change.”

Courtney, Security Specialist


After joining the Boston Scientific in February 2020, Courtney spent less than a month onsite before most employees transitioned to working remotely. “Thanks to this group’s adaptability, I was still able to onboard, learn my responsibilities and establish strong relationships with my colleagues. I’m impressed by everyone I work with. Despite not having a lot of in-person time with my team, everyone is extremely approachable and willing to lend a hand whenever I need help.”