Boston Scientific named a Forbes World’s Best Employer 2022

Oct 10, 2022
Boston Scientific employees

October 11, 2022

Today, Boston Scientific was named for the second year in a row by Forbes to the World's Best Employers 2022 list.

Forbes, together with market research company Statista, selected the World’s Best Employers 2022 based on independent surveys of approximately 150,000 employees in more than 55 countries. Participants were asked to rate their companies in areas including image, trust, gender equality, corporate social responsibility, culture and benefits.

With this recognition, Boston Scientific employees demonstrate their investment in the company's mission to transform lives, and how a values-driven culture contributes to a sense of belonging and success.

Read on to learn just a few of the many ways Boston Scientific fosters an employee-friendly environment one that aspires to make each of its 41,000 employees worldwide feel they belong, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because an inclusive workforce is good for business, too.

Recruit Inclusively and With Intention

Leaders at Boston Scientific know that diverse teams spark innovation, strengthen customer relationships and lead to high performance. They also know that promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) is a continuous process that yields progress incrementally, not overnight.

Currently, more than a third of employees in the company’s U.S. and Puerto Rico workplaces are multicultural, and nearly 50% of its global workforce is comprised of women. Boston Scientific aspires to increase the numbers of each group by 3% – particularly at the manager and leadership levels, where the effects of inclusion are most likely to flow both upstream and downstream – by 2023 through its 3Up By 2023 initiative. Boston Scientific is also collaborating with organizations including the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, Disability:IN, the Human Rights Campaign, the Hispanic Association for Corporate Responsibility and the National Society of Black Engineers, among many others, to support the hiring and development of available talent, particularly individuals from underrepresented groups.

Retain Talent Through Fair Pay and Growth Potential

Equal pay for equal work: It sounds like a no-brainer in concept but is far from a reality in many workplaces today.

Boston Scientific understands that pay equity is foundational to fostering an inclusive workforce. In 2021, the company reported no statistically significant pay disparity for 99% or greater of its employees across gender globally, and for multicultural talent in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

The company also offers development and advancement opportunities for all employees, including mentorship, sponsorship and leadership development programs for women and multicultural employees. For example, take GROW (short for Giving Real Opportunities for valuable Work experience): a new program that matches our product builders and technicians with mentors who help coach them through training sessions designed to promote careers in business roles.

Build a Truly Inclusive Environment, Employee by Employee

In addition to its global employee resource groups, which support diverse company networks including veterans, employees of East and South Asian descent and more, Boston Scientific provides employees with the tools they need to identify and help address bias, racism and discrimination where they work. These go beyond mandatory unconscious bias and anti-racism, racial equity and “real talk” training to ways to increase manager accountability for demonstrating inclusive behaviors – even linking measures of progress in DE&I to its annual bonus program.

And Boston Scientific is determined to continue uncovering and addressing employees’ unmet needs by soliciting their feedback often and in different ways, recognizing that while the company has made strides in many areas, it can also continue to improve –and by supporting its workforce, take life-changing innovation to new heights.