Boston Scientific wins two Edison Awards

Apr 24, 2023
The winners of this year's awards
The winners of this year's awards

Each day, we are dedicated to transforming lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of people around the world. We were recently recognized by the Edison Awards for two innovative products that are making a meaningful difference for the patients Boston Scientific helps to serve.  

EXALT™ Model B Single-Use Bronchoscope received a Gold award in the Medtech category. EXALT Model B has contributed to the evolution of the standard of care within bronchoscopy. The single-use bronchoscope was specifically designed and optimized for bedside procedures and features suction capabilities and the familiar feel of reusable models.

“At Boston Scientific, we are always pushing ourselves to drive innovation based on direct input from physicians,” said Mike Jones, senior vice president and president, Endoscopy. “EXALT Model B was designed to help provide ease of navigation and visualization during bronchoscopies. It also helps improve operational efficiencies for hospitals by removing any unplanned downtime due to equipment out for repair or having to wait for the scopes to be cleaned.”  

Image guided programming with STIMVIEW™ XT technology was awarded a Silver award in Artificial Intelligence Assisted Medicine category. The advanced software, which is powered by our collaboration with Brainlab AG, is used with the Vercise Genus™ Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) system that is designed to offer a streamlined approach to DBS programming for people living with Parkinson’s disease. STIMVIEW XT uses patient-specific, 3D visualization of the anatomy and imaging of the implanted DBS lead to enable clinicians to see, shape and steer DBS therapy to where it’s needed most.

“This recognition reinforces our ongoing commitment to deliver best-in-class innovations that ultimately help those living with Parkinson’s,” said Milad Girgis, vice president, general manager, Brain Franchise for Neuromodulation. “The technology behind STIMVIEW XT allows clinicians to personalize therapy and better address the unique needs of their patients.”

The Edison Awards is an annual event honoring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design and innovation. The awards symbolize the persistence and excellence personified by Thomas Edison and his Menlo Park team who successfully brought an unprecedented number of innovations to the market.


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