May 06, 2014
BTG becomes a major supporter of ESIRonline, CIRSE’s online educational database for Interventional Radiologists

London, UK and Vienna, Austria, 06 May 2014

BTG becomes a major supporter of ESIRonline, CIRSE’s online educational database for Interventional Radiologists

London, UK and Vienna, Austria; 6 May 2014: BTG1 and the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE), are pleased to announce that BTG has become a major supporter of ESIRonline, CIRSE’s extensive database of educational materials on interventional radiology.

BTG will provide an educational grant over three years to support further development of ESIRonline for CIRSE members and other physicians, scientists and healthcare personnel with an active interest in Interventional Oncology.  BTG joins Cook Medical and Siemens who are already major supporters.

ESIRonline is the world’s most comprehensive database for minimally invasive medicine, providing more than 7,200 scientific presentations and posters from 25 industry events since 2006. The database features a powerful search engine, allowing users to find files easily and quickly. The files are available for online viewing. In addition files can be downloaded and shared with colleagues. An interactive feature enables users to contact the authors to obtain more information or discuss certain topics. Subscribers receive a monthly e-newsletter to help keep them up-to-date on the latest developments on the platform. ESIRonline is enjoying great popularity. Over 2,000 subscribers clicked the download button more than 25,000 times during 2013 alone.

BTG’s General Manager of Interventional Oncology, Mike Motion, explains the importance of BTG’s collaboration with CIRSE: “CIRSE is a significant partner in the interventional radiology community.  BTG is committed to providing education to clinicians, and as a multifaceted educational platform, ESIRonline provides an ideal resource for BTG to support.”

BTG and CIRSE have a common interest to support education and science in the field of Interventional Oncology (IO) and to position ESIRonline as a leading IO online platform in Europe and abroad.

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1 This agreement is between the legal entity Biocompatibles UK Ltd, a BTG International group company and CIRSE.


The Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE) is a non-profit scientific and educational society which aims to support research, education, clinical practice and patient care in the ever-expanding field of interventional radiology (IR). Interventional radiology provides minimally invasive image-guided treatments for a wide range of conditions. CIRSE organises the largest annual congress in IR with high attendance numbers of over 6000 people. Through the European School of Interventional Radiology (ESIR), the society offers a variety of courses for its nearly 6000 members to further expand their medical expertise.

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