Finding purpose behind the pain

Sep 24, 2019
Alesia enjoy hiking even more with her oldest son in tow.

Back in 2003, Alesia was focused on successfully finishing her senior year and graduating high school. She spent her downtime with friends, taking her dog for long walks and looked forward to heading off to college. But at the beginning of the softball season that year, an injury would change everything. What started as shin splints developed into complex regional pain syndrome, leaving Alesia with debilitating leg pain.

Alesia’s focus shifted from school work to managing her pain. Simple tasks like, sleeping through the night or wearing long pants, became significant challenges. Desperate to return to a life of normalcy, Alesia and her parents tried everything to manage her pain, eventually taking up to 25 pills a day and undergoing multiple surgical procedures. Still unable to find relief, Alesia turned to her care team to explore other treatment options and decided to have a spinal cord stimulation device implanted.

“It changed my life,” she recalls. “I was back to hiking and traveling with my family, but most importantly I was able to get off pain medication and look towards the future with hope.”

Alesia’s determination to overcome her struggle with pain would also shape her future.

Her experience with the SCS implant gave her a new normal – and a new purpose. “The spinal cord stimulator made such a difference in my life that I really wanted to work at a company that would allow me to pay it forward,” Alesia said. “I wanted to have an impact on other people’s lives, so I applied for a job at Boston Scientific.”

In 2008 Alesia joined Boston Scientific neuromodulation team as a sales representative before transitioning to a role with the clinical marketing team in 2011.  “From day one it was clear to me how much my colleagues care about our products and the patients who will use them,” she said. “I am still humbled by the thoughtfulness, time and care that goes into each product. It makes me so proud to work here.”

Now, as a manager consulting with the business on change management, innovation, and team effectiveness, Alesia channels her pride and energy in creating a work environment where everyone can bring their best selves to work. “I love that I get to play a part in creating a fun, innovative and empowering culture for Boston Scientific employees who are responsible for the devices that myself, and so many others around the world, truly couldn’t live without.”

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