Boston Scientific Signs Low Carbon Pledge

Nov 14, 2018

On November 14, the three Boston Scientific sites in Ireland joined other leading businesses in the country in signing the Business In The Community (BITC) Low Carbon Pledge. The pledge is powered by the Leaders’ Group on Sustainability and it is the first dedicated pledge generated by Irish businesses to set industry standards on sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. All signatory companies pledge to reduce Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emission intensity by 50% by 2030.

Boston Scientific has already taken this pledge one step further. In 2017, the company committed to carbon neutrality in its manufacturing and key distribution sites for all of its products by 2030.

“We welcome the opportunity to collaborate and lead with other companies,” said Ronan Coffey, Global Energy Manager at Boston Scientific. “Together, we can elevate the importance of cutting carbon emissions and help encourage each other in our journey towards more sustainable operations.”

Boston Scientific uses a Global Energy Management System (GEMS) that was established in collaboration with the National University of Ireland Galway. Through GEMS, Boston Scientific will achieve its carbon neutrality goal through a C3 strategy: cutting our energy use, converting to renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels and compensating with carbon offset projects where needed. This effort builds on our longstanding commitment to improving environmental performance, supporting our communities and conducting responsible operations. Since 2009, Boston Scientific has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 66,000 tons, and in 2017 generated 2.99 GW hours of solar energy on our sites.

More information about the The Low Carbon Pledge is available here.