Boston Scientific Celebrates World Usability Day

Nov 8, 2018

2018 World Usability Day: David Feygin from Boston Scientific on Vimeo.

On World Usability Day, Boston Scientific joins individuals and companies across the globe to reflect on how well-designed user experiences can enhance the lives of our customers and patients. Usability engineering is an iterative process focused on centering the needs of the final user at every stage of design and development.


David Feygin, our Chief Digital Health Officer, notes that “user-centered design enables us to leverage the most complex technologies to create the simplest solutions. An incredible insight from usability engineering is that there’s what customers think they do, there’s what they say they do, and there’s what they actually do.


“Usability engineering actually helps us understand not just what the customers do, but why they do it. And if we can understand why customers, patients, physicians do the things they do, and what they’re trying to accomplish, we can create incredibly innovative solutions that really drive healthcare forward.”


Sites across Boston Scientific participated in a variety of events that challenge employees to reconsider preconceptions about what customers and patients need, and apply user-centered principles to continuously improve the solutions we offer.


More information about World Usability Day is available here.