Spinal Cord Stimulation changes life of patient

Jan 8, 2018

Four years ago, Jane Beaver of Clovis, California injured her back while racing cars with her grandson. At first, the pain seemed similar to the frequent, mild back pain Jane had experienced over the past 35 years. She realized that this injury and its resulting pain were more intense and not subsiding. Jane, a once active hiker, kayaker and gardener, was left only able to move when she absolutely necessary. She couldn’t take a step without crying and any type of exertion left her lying down, icing her back.

Doctors tried numerous options to ease the now chronic pain including surgery, steroid injections and opioids, but Jane had no relief. Jane was looking for a solution when her family doctor referred her to Dr. Amitabh Goswami, an interventional pain specialist, who suggested she consider Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS).

When Jane met with Dr. Goswami, he told her that SCS is an FDA approved surgically implanted medical device designed to provide longer lasting relief for patients with chronic pain. The system works by interrupting pain signals before they reach the brain. Unlike most surgical procedures, it’s reversible and patients do a trial to evaluate if SCS works for them before having the permanent implant.

After hearing about the benefits and risks, Jane decided to move forward with the trial. She felt immediate relief and after three days decided to get a permanent SCS implant.

Since receiving the implant, Jane’s pain has decreased dramatically. She can now go from morning until evening with minimal pain. Jane recently went kayaking with her family, and is participating in water aerobics classes. She is enjoying family life and the chance to play with her two-year-old grandson again.

“I hope other people hearing my story will have the foresight and the gumption to get this implant,” said Jane. “It is life changing – it truly is.”