The Little Doctors Program: Inspiring Young Learners in China

May 23, 2019

Students at the Haizhu English and Chinese kindergarten in Guangzhou, China were invited to play doctor for a day as part of the Little Doctors program, an effort organized by the Boston Scientific team in China to spark an early interest in science. Sporting white lab coats, students worked together to complete human body puzzles and other hands-on exercises.  

“In China, preschool and kindergarten students sometimes have limited access to life science education - especially in more remote areas,” explains Erin Yichong Zhang, a Boston Scientific employee and one of 67 volunteers involved in the Little Doctors program. “We wanted to develop a program for younger children to help educate them about their own health and enhance their interest in life science.”

Since 2018, Boston Scientific has hosted three Little Doctor sessions in China, reaching 220 children ages 5-10.  The lessons are catered for each age group and cover topics ranging from first aid to healthy eating tips. The program also provides a creative and interactive way for Boston Scientific employees to share their passion for their work with young learners.

“Working with the children in this classroom setting has inspired me to think deeply about the talent that each child has,” says Erin. “It’s exciting to pass on my love of science to the next generation and help children tap into their potential.”

Little Doctors is one of the many programs that Boston Scientific organizes to give children challenging and fun opportunities to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Our STEM programming is intended to help grow a future pipeline of diverse talent. In 2018, Boston Scientific employees volunteered more than 10,500 hours at more than 200 STEM focused events around the world. 

Pictured above: China management team members visited the Haizhu English and Chinese Kindergarten in Guangzhou, China in March 2019.