Meaningful Collaboration: Our Work with Mayo Clinic

Aug 5, 2019

The healthcare industry is facing unprecedented pressure to reduce costs and improve outcomes. We are challenged to innovate in new ways to improve the healthcare system and most importantly – the patient experience.

Our 40 years of experience in developing medical devices helps us understand that the path to innovation is complex. Solving healthcare challenges lies in our ability to iterate quickly, collaborate and be willing to take risks while ensuring that quality and patient safety remain our primary focus. This is the future of patient-centric healthcare.

For nearly a decade, Boston Scientific and Mayo Clinic have collaborated in support of this goal. Together, our engineering and clinical teams work side-by-side, evaluating ideas, developing prototypes and conducting feasibility studies. So far, the results include eight patent applications, three technology licenses and two first-in-human clinical trials, expected to begin in the fall.

"During our time working together, it's become abundantly clear that our complementary skills make Boston Scientific and Mayo Clinic an excellent, problem-solving team," said Gianrico Farrugia, M.D., president and CEO of Mayo Clinic. "Mayo brings the breadth and depth of clinical expertise and world-class research facilities. Boston Scientific contributes engineering acumen, rapid device prototyping and commercial savvy. Through teamwork, our clinicians and engineers have tremendous opportunities to solve challenging medical problems more quickly."

Recently, the Mayo Clinic and Boston Scientific announced a new joint innovation accelerator called Motion Medical, located in Rochester, Minnesota at the center of public-private bioscience industry research in the state. The venture aims to accelerate the development of new minimally invasive treatments for many health conditions that impede quality and longevity of life, including medical technologies for interventional cardiology, heart rhythm management, endoscopy, neuromodulation and urology.

"The collaboration between Mayo Clinic and Boston Scientific builds on our experience working together to support the shared goal of advancing patient-centered innovation," said Mike Mahoney, chairman and CEO, Boston Scientific at the ceremony. "I look forward to working together to address complex health care challenges."

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