Boston Scientific Develops Global STEM Resource to Teach Kids about Medical Procedures

Mar 4, 2019

Boston Scientific has introduced students around the world to a new friend—Procedure Pal. The Pal is an interactive table-top product model that helps kids see real examples of where devices are placed within the body and what they do. Procedure Pal is the first global STEM resource developed by Boston Scientific and has been a useful teaching tool in 13 Boston Scientific locations across the world.

Procedure Pal was created by Boston Scientific volunteers from Minnesota and Massachusetts in early 2018. “We wanted to give K-12 students a visual and hands-on learning opportunity,” explained Senior Designer Robbie Halvorson, one of the creators behind Procedure Pal. “The pal allows kids to play doctor for a day. It’s like a game of operation, where they can pretend to retrieve kidney stones or take a tissue biopsy, all while building up an interest and understanding of how our devices help patients.” 

Procedure Pal teaches kids about ten different medical procedures for patients. It shows kids everything from how a deep brain stimulation device is implanted as a treatment for Parkinson’s to how an Implantable Cardiac Pacemaker is inserted to help a patient’s heart beat more regularly.

“We’re always looking for creative ways to engage with STEM learners,” said Community Engagement Program Manager Jessica Aleshire. “Procedure Pal is a great example of how cross-functional teams collaborated together to build a tool that allows our volunteers to interact with students. We hope that Procedure Pal will inspire students around the world to consider a future career in healthcare.”